Elizabeth Graham is a news and documentary photographer, with a separate focus on art and portrait photography. She is based in Rhode Island.

My first reporting job at a newspaper in southern Louisiana nudged me toward the camera. Being my own photographer was a thrill. I’d try to sneak out for stories without the staff photographer whenever possible. 

A move north meant writing and shooting for a paper in New Jersey, and then Massachusetts.

My son was born in 2010, and we moved to New York City. 

For four years, I shot photos for a fast-paced paper in Brooklyn, taking on assignments across all five boroughs, with breaks for photography classes and a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts. 

As a result, I photographed news of all kinds - people working, crying, laughing, performing, worshiping, feasting, posing, protesting, creating, being taken away in handcuffs. People doing funny, somber, reverent, and celebratory things. 


2015 brought another move - this time to an oil boom town in western North Dakota. Joining the staff of a daily newspaper meant a return to reporting, but the 2017 birth of my daughter, who has developmental disabilities, inspired new projects. I photographed her therapy sessions, and, wanting to focus on her beauty as well, created a series of images of her using abandoned farmhouses as a backdrop. 

Now in Rhode Island, I continue to shoot news and portraits in and beyond the Providence area.


Read about a promotion, under my maiden name of Elizabeth Hackenburg.